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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Life Processes


Life Processes

life-process, Biology class 10

Q. 1 While eating you are advised not to talk. Why are you advised so?  1 Mark
Ans. We are advised so because while eating some food particles might enter the wind pipe which can lead to choking.

Q. 2 We say that movement is a characteristic of living organisms but we always don’t see visible movements in plants. Comment.                                                                                           1 Mark
Ans. We always don’t see visible movements in plants. It does not mean that they are not alive. Molecular movements take place in their body.

Q. 3 If a person is working on a treadmill in a gymnasium, will it effect his rate of breathing? How? 2 Marks
Ans. Yes, it will affect his rate of breathing. The rate of breathing will become fast to supply more oxygen to meet the increased demand of energy.

Q. 4 If you compare your rate of breathing by feeling your chest movement with the number of times a fish opens and closes its mouth. Which will be higher and why?     2 Marks
Ans. The number of times a fish opens and closes its mouth will be higher as the amount of dissolved oxygen in water is fairly low compared to the amount of oxygen in the air. Therefore, rate of
breathing in aquatic organisms is much faster than in terrestrial organisms.

life-process, biology class 10

Q. 5 Mucus is not used for churning the food or digesting it. Then why is it secreted in the stomach?  2 Marks
Ans. Mucus is secreted in the stomach to protect its inner lining from being damaged by HCl. Excessive secretion of HCl can damage the lining and lead to peptic ulcer.

Q. 6 In the process of Photosynthesis food A is prepared which gets converted into food B. What are A and B? Why is A converted to B?  2 Marks
Ans. Food A is glucose and food B is Starch. A is converted to B as B is insoluble form of carbohydrate. It is more compact and hence, suitable for storage.

Q. 7 When we are asleep we are not performing any activity still our life processes are going on. Why? 2 Marks
Ans. “The maintenance functions of living organisms must go on even when they are not doing anything particular.” That is why the life processes are going on even while we are asleep or not performing any activity.

Q. 8 Leaves of a healthy potted plant were coated with petroleum jelly. How will it affect the plant? State two reasons. 3 Marks
Ans. The plant will not remain healthy for long due to the following reasons:-
1.There will be no transpiration.
2. There will be no exchange of gases which will affect the rate of photosynthesis.

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