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Saturday, February 16, 2019

आत्मीयता बनाए रखेँ |

Maintain intimacy.

1. To be intimate to someone, it is not necessary that we meet daily with that person, 
with whom some people with whom we think and think, the meeting also becomes
 memorable forever.
2. We do not know how many people we meet in our lives everyday. There are 
some people with it for only a little while and some people get together forever. 
We forget most of them, but whom we experience the intimacy, they always settle
 in our hearts.
3. It is possible for someone to be tall only when the appearance of the face matches 
the thinking of our thinking and we appreciate the quality of its properties.
4. Occasionally, it is not possible to get an idea only. It is important to understand
 the good qualities and characteristics of others. If we do not see the capabilities in
 ourselves, then try to adopt others. Doing so keeps intimacy and adaption to others