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Thursday, February 21, 2019

परीक्षा देना भी एक कला है।

1.       A person should always remember that taking a test is also an art and the person who learns this art is sure to succeed. The curriculum of examinations is highly elaborate. The same person can be successful in examinations, which is a habit of writing clearly and understanding the questions correctly. Whenever a candidate goes to take the exam, then he has to write the biggest problem.

2.       After examination, the examiner himself does not appear before the tester and the copy written by him represents him. The copy written by the examinee itself demonstrates his personality. In this situation, it becomes necessary that the examinee's personality is effectively in front of the examiner (equivalents), it is necessary for the examinee to pay attention to certain things. For the performance of an influential person, the examinee should first focus on his writing.

3.       The pace of our writing should be sharp, but it should be clean and beautiful along with it. For this, the examinee should practice at least one hour daily. It is very important in the examinations that all questions can be answered within the prescribed time limit. The practitioner should continue to practice writing for as long as it is not fully self-reliant in it.

4.       If someone has a bad handwriting, he should always keep in mind that the pen does not drag and move. First try to write gradually, then gradually increase the speed. Raise the pen and learn how to write. Our pen should be such that it runs fast and does not interfere in the middle.
5.         Remember to change the paragraph during handwriting and maintain a fair distance between the two words. Do not write words too short and neither big. If a word or a line goes wrong, just pull a line on it. Keep grammatical accuracy in mind. Use short-punctuation, complete punctuation and punctuation in the right place. Of course, our writings will look beautiful with this, and our personality will be influential in front of the tester.

6.       Before any exam or interview, it is necessary that you reach your place at least 15 minutes before the time. Be sure to check that you have the same essential pen, pencil, sketch, etc. After getting the question papers, do not start writing immediately, but should first read the question paper full leisurely. Reading the second time makes sense of the right understanding of the questions.

7.       Many times it happens that the question is the same as the word, but with the words, the question is turned right there. In such a way, read the question paper carefully in full depth. If not understood after this then do not waste time on it and answer the second question. Many times it happens that after answering two or three other questions, we understand the question of that question, then we should answer that question.

8.       As soon as you get the question papers, decide the time to solve each question. If there is a shortage of time then never get scared. By doing this our initial hard work goes waste. In such a way, you try to answer that question effectively in brief.

9.   Our answer should be good. Always keep in mind that the tester is much more knowledgeable than us. Do not ever write unnecessary things while doing a Q & A as I did but I could not answer because of the problem, please increase the marks or my pen was stopped due to which I could not quiz, etc. All these sentences are of no avail. And the testers do not pay any attention to these things.

10.     As much as a few students are confident, they start thinking about the question papers that they will solve the whole question. But this does not happen, it has often been seen with such students that the questionnaire is asking questions and they are writing the answers something else. Just answer the questions you have answered, the answer is well.

11.     It should not be that the sequences of the answers seem to be staggering. Write a series of questions and answer the questions and use the subtitles as much as possible. If possible, underline the important fragments. By typing a summary of the title, subtitle and quiz, write the summary of the answer sheet and close the answer sheet. After answering all the questions, please take a look at your answer sheet, thereby correcting it if there has been a small mistake.

12.     Special things -
  • Your writing should be fast and clean.
  • Please understand the questions carefully and post them further.
  • Also note the title, subtitles and punctuation while quizzing.
  • Do not allow grammatical mistakes.
  • Keep in mind the time to answer the questions.
  • Access to the examination center with all the necessary goods before time.

By :- Madan Jeet Kumar


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